Consulting Services

Once you decide to invest in a PV-Panel-Production-Plant we will accompany you step by step until the start of the production of solar panels. In order for that to happen there are multiple factors that have to be taken care of.

Building of the plant

We are cooperating with a well known german company, which in addition is working with one of the highest quality Panel Manufacturers. The company has all the Know How of the necessary utilities and procedures to ensure the building of your high-class PV – Modul – manufacturing – plant. They have already shown their expertise in the building of multiple plants and there are some further options.

Supply of machines and raw materials

This means that we will prepare the contracts with equipment manufacturers and material suppliers until the “signature”. In addition, it is our job, to prepare the contracts with the raw-material-suppliers well before the start of and during the production. We will also monitor the dates at Just in Time.

Production steps and components

Equipment for melting the silicon and production of “WAFER” – blocks (ingots)

Machine for cleaning, processing and preparation of the “WAFER”

Machine for the production of PV – “CELL” (The elaborate process !)

Plant for final assembly of the finished MODULES / PANELS

Important facts

The building of the plant will take approximately 18 months.

The manufacturing plant produces 300,000 modules in a year, and one module generates 300 Wp. That adds up to 90 MW.

The investment to build the PV- Modul manufacturing plant – alone for machinery and equipment (excluding factory – halls) – amounts to approximately 75 – 120 million euros (depending on the size).

The ROI will be reached approximately in 5-7 years after the initial investment.

The manufacturing plant will provide jobs for 250 -320 people, of which there are approximately 120-150 highly skilled employees (engineers, chemists, technicians , merchants, etc.). In addition there are about 100 jobs through small companies that locate in close proximity to the Factory Repair- u.Service-operations, resource delivery and other various service industries.

With the modules produced in your PV- Modul – manufacturing – plant you can build solar parks to win energy. However all the modules which are produced and are not used in your home country will be exported to Africa and Domestic Equipments / PV – Home Systems will be built. More information under Usage.