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What is a Domestic Equipment ?

Domestic Equipment is a photovoltaic (solar-electric) module to provide power for lights and different appliances.

The system also needs a rechargeable battery, so that power is still available at night and on cloudy days. It bring huge benefits to homes in developing countries which are not connected to the electricity grid.

They also power radios and cellphone chargers, enabling families to be in contact with the wider world.

A Domestic Equipment consist of PV – Panel; Rechargeable battery; Electronic charge – controller; Refrigerator; TV – Equipment; Fluorescent lights; – perhaps a DC to AC Inverter.”

Our Domestic Equipment Demo Car

The Demo-Car gives our employees the chance to showcase how Domestic Equipments works. In the car you will find gadgets, that can be operated without being connected to the main power grid and can be used anywhere.


The PV-module / panels can be installed on the roofs of multiple buildings

Public Institutions (government)

Factory buildings

Small to medium size enterprises

Home of working class